Today in the city Gonzales 20.11.2018
Former AG Gonzales Calls Whitaker An 'Odd Choice' That Further Questions Leadership

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about the shakeup at the Department of Justice.

I spent a day following a Coca-Cola truck driver on his NYC route — and it only took a couple hours to see what one of the biggest challenges is for delivery drivers in the city

Bike lanes have become a typical addition to many New York City streets.  That's made the job of delivery truck drivers in the city more challenging as parking has diminished. Still, few bikers are sy...

A day in the life of a NYC Coca-Cola delivery truck driver, who gets to work at 4 a.m. and spends his morning pushing 175-pound carts full of bottles through Penn Station

Coca-Cola truck drivers get to work as early as 4 a.m in New York City. For one day, I followed Miguel Santiago, a 66-year-old delivery driver who has worked with Coca-Cola for 19 years.  Santiag...

Lab Hiring of Ex-Santa Fe Mayor After Grant Raising Eyebrows

A high-tech startup that received a $100,000 grant from the city of Santa Fe a few months before then-Mayor Javier Gonzales left office has hired him as a consultant.

White House Counsel's Exit Brings Attention To An Office With A Past

Don McGahn's tenure was capped by shaping Brett Kavanaugh's fight-back rebuttal against allegations of sexual assault. The office has been a perch for major figures from John Dean to Alberto Gonzales.

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